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eZe Store for PetRelocation - Case Study

“The eZe Store team visited us to better understand our business needs and what we are trying to accomplish. They reacted quickly in searching for solutions when obstacles arose.” - Mathews Johnson, PetRelocation.com’s Process and System Manager

“eZe Store is a great product.” - Mathews Johnson,

About PetRelocation
PetRelocation (www.petrelocation.com) offers superior customer service to create a stress-free experience for your pet relocation when moving to a new city or country. Headquartered in Texas, Pet Relocation was founded in 2001 and has already relocated hundreds of thousands of pets.

Business Needs

PetRelocation was losing sales due to a risky, long, expensive, and inefficient sales process based on exchange of information with the client by email and telephone (including credit card). We searched the market for an eCommerce application, but the majority of Enterprise-level eCommerce solutions exceeded our budget. Basic requirements were:

  • PCI Compliant
  • Easily integrated into Salesforce
  • Supports the Recurring Billing
  • Flexible to support the numerous types of our customers; corporations, individuals and military.

“We were hesitant at first since eZe Store’s price was a quarter of the competitors’ price. But we are impressed with what we received; flexibility, efficiency and speed.” - Mathews Johnson

The Solution Provided by eZe Store

  • It is an eCommerce app native to Salesforce
  • Invoices are sent to clients by email, which are paid online
  • It is integrated with the Salesforce Community Portal
  • It supports payment with Credit Card or Purchase Order
  • The contract terms are authorized online
  • The source code is included with eZe Store

Results Obtained using eZe store
Since the go live dated in 2014, the results obtained include:

  • Reduced sales overhead
  • Reduced financial overhead
  • Streamlined sales processes
  • More efficient, cost effective and a shorter sales cycle
  • More accurate reports and dashboards
  • Increased sales and revenue

About Ida Apps

Ida Apps is a fast-moving company, specialized in building cloud-based Apps which are affordable and easy to use, yet flexible and scalable to meet diverse business needs. Our mission is to give businesses the power to sell their products and services effectively using cloud-based online tools and applications, and get paid faster.
Headquartered in Miami, and with more than 600 installations of eZe Store, we heavily rely on customer feedback to build the next generation of cloud-based eCommerce and Mobile Commerce Apps for businesses. Our Apps are fully scalable since they are built on Force.com platform and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.com CRM.

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