eZe Store for Salesforce

eZe Store for Guia Mais Empresas - Case Study

“If Salesforce clients knew about eZe Store, they would not invest in any other ecommerce platform”

“(eZe Store is) by far the most cost-effective investment compared to other solutions we have analysed”

“Thanks to eZeStore, GuiaMais expect to increase ecommerce revenue without any increase in cost.”, Adriano Freire, GuiaMais IT manage

GuiaMais and GuiaMaisEmpresas are proprietary trademarks owned by GuiaMais

About Guia Mais Empresas
GuiaMaisEmpresas (www.empresas.guiamais.com.br) is a Brazilian digital marketing agency created more than 30 years ago to enable small and medium sized companies online presence by offering web site creation and hosting, sponsored links, ecommerce solutions and GuiaMais, the biggest Brazilian services and companies search portal.

Business Needs
  • Ecommerce platform to sell GuiaMais products online, complementing GuiaMais multi-channel approach
  • Limited budget
  • Limited internal resources to implement and maintain the solution
  • Follows Salesforce standard

“We were impressed when we found eZe Store at AppExchange: a very powerful ecommerce solution that cost a fraction of the competitors”, Adriano Freire, Guia Mais IT manager

Results Obtained using eZe store
Since the go live dated in 2013, the results obtained include:

  • Record implementation time: in 40 days GuiaMais ecommerce was up and running
  • Increase product profitability: cost of the sales completed on eZe Store is minimum
  • Cost-effective
    • Purchased by a fraction of other available solutions
    • Zero implementation cost: basic implementation by eZe Store without any additional cost
    • Minimum setup and maintenance cost: having full access to eZe Store source code, GuiaMais gained flexibility to adjust eZe Store to GuiaMais specific needs requirements
  • Increase revenue: sales reps follow up on abandoned shopping carts, thanks to monitoring mechanism within eZe Store
  • Robust solution with excellent uptime
  • Because eZe Store is built entirely on Force.Com platform, it is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce

About Ida Apps

Ida Apps is a fast-moving company, specialized in building cloud-based Apps which are affordable and easy to use, yet flexible and scalable to meet diverse business needs. Our mission is to give businesses the power to sell their products and services effectively using cloud-based online tools and applications, and get paid faster.
Headquartered in Miami, and with more than 600 installations of eZe Store, we heavily rely on customer feedback to build the next generation of cloud-based eCommerce and Mobile Commerce Apps for businesses. Our Apps are fully scalable since they are built on Force.com platform and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.com CRM.

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